awkward family photosMy husband and I made our internet debut on awkward family photos over five years ago, so if you think you have seen this face before, you just might have.  This photo shows up everywhere.  I love reconnecting with old friends over this photo—- “Is this you?!! LOL!”

Having moved from Dallas, Texas in July 2014 to Surrey, England, I  spent the first year finding my feet. We moved here for my husband’s work, but is that the only reason? Slowly, I’m discovering my life’s mission- to love God, love people, and take care of the earth.

A passionate occupational therapist, I am currently working the most rewarding job on the planet- as a stay at home mom to three little people who challenge me to grow in grace and patience. You can find me bouncing on trampolines, digging in the sand, and sliding down slides— well partially. Most the time,  my hips get stuck and then I have to awkwardly scoot . . . I love being a mom. It’s an excuse to do kid things all over again.

I have loved writing this blog, hearing from old friends and making new ones through things that connect with people. It has been such an amazing platform to start deep conversations with so many beautiful people.


Laura McCarthy

portrait, siblings, family of 5, three children, 3 kids, 3 children, three kids,


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