SUMMER!! / (bummer)

We have had an exciting last few weeks of school- Field Day, end of school parties, awards assemblies, and less homework. I’ve been counting down the days, and today we made it!  We got a bit excited and didn’t set an alarm last night. Thankfully, it was pyjama day, and luckily, Scarlett woke up 12 minutes before we needed to be out the door, so we still made it on time.  Zero tardies for this year. Celebrate!

Year 1 Field Day-3

Year 1 Field Day-4

Field Day, 2017

Today was perfect. I was so happy all day that Scarlett gets to be home during her good hours. I hate how school gets her best. I get the sluggish mornings and the tired evenings.  So when I picked her up today, I felt like Olaf in the carpool line. I rolled down the windows and started shouting excitedly,

“We are driving to SUMMER! SUMMER here we come!”

Remember that feeling of the last day of school? I felt it rush back to me just like when I was 10. I’m footloose and fancy free.  I can stop the treadmill of packing lunches, homework, and carpool lines. I congratulated myself on transitioning Scarlett from English to American schools, moving houses, and making it to the finish line of first grade.

Wahoo, Summer! More lazy days by the pool.

Year 1 Field Day-10Year 1 Field Day-12

We got home, and all three kids played absolutely beautifully together upstairs while I cooked for our first dinner guests at our new house. My kids made blanket castles upstairs, breaking out in roars of laughter. I felt the warm glow of nostalgia remembering my three brothers as a child.  I smiled. THIS is what being a kid is all about. But reality came crashing down. It sounded like glass shattering.

Because it was.

Meredith dropped my cup of ice water all over the floor. Meanwhile Evan and Scarlett started having an altercation over Evan smelling her smelly marker. After sorting that out, Evan tripped down the stairs, landing head first saved by his wrists. Please don’t let that be distal radius fracture, I prayed. But first, I have to shush him up as quickly as I can so my husband’s conference call stays professional.  Keeping the home office a good working environment is a juggling act I’m pretty good at with two kids. Next month, I’m going to have FOUR  kids at home arguing, playing, getting hurt and breaking things. I just picture myself as homegirl from the BBC. Oh my.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 22.51.49

Fifteen minutes later, Evan’s recovered,  the kitchen floor was swept and mopped, the marker is returned safely to it’s secret location. They are back happily playing. Ahh- summer bliss again. Evan’s scream interrupts my solitutde.


I look at the packaging: If swallowed, seek medical attention immediately. Pulling out my phone to call poison control, I seek council from my most reliable, trusted advisor first. Trying to remain calm, I ask nervously, “How many days until August 21st?”

Siri answered back, “It is eighty days until August 21st.”

80 days until school starts again.

Oh Summer.

Wish me luck, friends.







There’s No Place Like Home.

It feels great to be home. We closed on the house and move-in went spectacularly. We are pretty well unpacked and set up with the essentials- meaning kitchen stuff, toilet paper and beds. Thankfully, the only boxes lying around are the ones repurposed by the kids as pretend cat crates and royal castles- covered in chalk, crayons, and stickers. I think I’m going to order large items online so the kids have a steady supply of fresh cardboard. It’s a hot commodity around here.


A special shout out to our realtor Kathryn Taylor at Halliday Realtors. She is truly remarkable, classy, and professional. We had a blast working with her.

In other news . . .

We found a couch. Holy smokes Batman, I thought we would never find one. James & I previewed 200+ couches trying to decide on the perfect seat. Too firm, too soft, too deep, too modern, too grandma, too pricey, poor quality, wrong texture, bad colour, arms too square, arms too short- you name it, we had a reason to nix it.

James looked at me hopelessly, “We are never going to agree on a couch.”

We looked into custom order sofas. Ethan Allen tried to convince us that waiting 60-90 days for a couch was nothing compared to the years of enjoyment it would bring us. I showed the designer this picture of my living room:

IMG_6486 2.JPG

I’m really sure I don’t want to be nine months pregnant or nursing a newborn and still be sitting on the floor-  even for the perfectly upholstered piece. Right?

(65 days until baby #4 is due. I have a feeling time is going to go by really fast.)

We found the sofa at Ashley’s furniture store, but we initially walked into Ashley’s furniture for one reason only. I had been there the week before, but nothing sparked joy expect the complimentary cookies. Delicious. But our eyes immediately sparkled when we saw this couch.  James and I saw it, looked at each other, and knew. We found the one. But first, I informed him, “I want that cookie.” Excited to have this bad boy in our living room within a fortnight. And we ordered a bed that comes this week, too!

Progress!!Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 22.08.31.png

One reason, we are a bit behind on the furniture shopping (other than free coffee and cookies) is the massage chairs we keep finding ourselves sitting in at the stores. Wow. Those puppies are incredible. The pictures are terrible because neither of us wanted to get out of the chair to take a decent shot.

Oh my soul, I love these things.

We found a desk, but of course, it wasn’t on the store floor, and James didn’t want to buy it sight unseen. So James’ home office is functional, but not pretty. The previous owner left us that chair. You see how it has some light wood showing? I wish we would have noticed it sooner.  About an hour later, it broke. The yelp James made as he crashed to the floor was loud and dramatic. So we are back to one camping chair and the folding chairs. But we are happy.


We keep ourselves busy in the evenings constructing outlines of furniture. We do this for two reasons. #1 We don’t own a tape measure and keep forgetting to purchase one, and #2 I have absolutely no spatial skills- so we paperclip strips of paper together and move them around the room to figure out where stuff should go and how it will fit together.


It’s very helpful, but you should hear me fuss at the kids, “DON’T STEP ON THE COUCH!” They just look at me like I’ve lost my mind. Partially, that’s true.

There is so much to figure out; so many decisions to make. To add to the list, we started seriously shopping for the second vehicle. But mostly, I’m glad to be here-

There’s no place like home.


Moving Day

Two years ago, I overheard my husband James & 2.5 year old son talking:

James: Tomorrow we are going to move house. Will you help me?
Evan: Yes, daddy. I will push really hard!

Today I will be unlocking the door to our new house- our seventh home in eight years.  I imagined myself as an old lady with grandchildren in the last two houses we bought. I remember why now.  After you move, you swear you will never do it again.

I also said that about pregnancy and childbirth.


Love People, Use Stuff.

It is overwhelming (in a good way) to see the material things I released come back to me once again.  It’s that puddle and splash park thing. I have been reminded over and over through this process that it is the immaterial that has value- and that reward is wrapped in risk, and fulfilment cloaked in faith.  I’ve also learned that you do, on a very practical level, need stuff.

My friend Dani has a note posted in her kitchen that comes to mind as my head is full of housewares and furniture shopping. It reads-

Don’t love stuff or use people.

Love people and use stuff.

Relationships trump possessions. It isn’t the stuff I left in England that I miss. It’s the people. The houses might be gone, but the friendships I found in those neighbourhoods have come with me. That being said, you need stuff to take care of the people you love.

Stuff Blessings

After a rough week with her, I prayed and asked God for extra grace to give my seven year old daughter.  The move has been draining on her. When we got rid of all of her toys apart from a few stuffed animals, she compiled a list of the things she wanted most after we repatriated.

One hour after my prayer, I had a van full of her toy requests: model ponies and animals, Barbie accessories and a house, and build-a-bear clothes I picked up at a garage sale. Everything EXACTLY as she had requested- and for less than $50. Driving home that day with tears in my eyes, God gave me the tools to bless her. If you want to show love to a mother, love her kids.  That day, God loved me by loving my daughter well. He heard my prayer- and before he gave me the stuff, he extended grace and compassion to me so I could pass it to her.  That redemptive side of faith often gets missed when churchy people talk about God. He sends little (and big) messages that whisper “PS. I love you-” now love the person next to you.

My first friend in our new neighbourhood is actually selling her house right now. She called today and said she has a van load of things for Meredith and the new baby. She named items I need that I hadn’t thought of yet- and many things, I don’t need, but are really nice to have like bath toys. The timing is so perfect for both of us.

I showed up for the walk-through of the new house today expecting to be there for ten minutes. Two hours later, the real estate agent and I had sorted through endless amounts of dishes and housewares and furniture that the previous owner can’t move with her. When I sold my wedding china, I didn’t picture getting to replace different pieces with a pensioner’s tableware for free.  I still haven’t picked out a toilet brush cleaner and I don’t own a trash can, but I am the proud owner of a crystal toothpick holder- lol! The coolest part was there wasn’t a single item this lady had in her donate pile that I had already bought.

When we paired down our stuff to 7 suitcases, there were a few odd items that really bothered me to part with. It’s a weird list- the safe, the filing cabinet, flower vases, a grocery bag holder, assorted wrapping paper and gift wrap materials- I know it’s a weird list, but who wants to buy that stuff again? Today, they were left at my new house for me from the previous owner. And her safe is much better than my old one. She can’t move it because it is bolted to the floor. That makes me chuckle. I guess someone could have just carried off my old safe. I hadn’t thought of that.

Now, if the baby bump would stop giving me gas pain and heartburn, I could get some shut eye. I actually have things to unpack. Wahoo!

Kids say . . .

At the paediatrician this week, my four year old Evan was anxious about getting his ears checked.  Trying to escape the otoscope, he put his head on my chest, and grabbed my shirt, pulling it down.

His eyes widened. He gasped and pointed, “Mom, why do you have a butt on your front?!” 

Thanks to baby #4, I actually have cleavage. I’m giggling to myself, and I’m also embarrassed. The nurse practitioner watches my reaction. She’s smirking.

“Evan, please don’t pull my shirt down,” I advise. “It’s private.”

He scrunches his nose, “Is that because it is your butt?”

He’s genuinely inquiring.


On the way home, he tells me about his Walmart trip. He’s laughing, “Mom there was a totally naked lady at Walmart last night. It was so weird.” He continues, “Dad thought it was so funny.”

I mean it is Walmart. There is a whole website devoted to strange and unusual people who shop there. Turns out, according to dad, she was just barefoot.

He also scolded the waiter at lunch the other day when he replied to my question with the standard southern, “Yes Mam.”

Evan told him off. “She is a lady, not a boy.”

MAM, kiddo. Not man.

We also had an expat moment trying to get lunch. I ordered french fries, but Evan kept whining saying he wanted chips with his cheeseburger. I promised him they were on the way. The waiter kept repeating my order and implying they don’t have chips on the menu.  England and America: two countries divided by a common language. And then we confuse the matter by calling it French fries, lol.

So if you see my kid, and he tells you about naked people at the grocery store or my front bum cheeks, or anything else unusual– things are a bit in transit, but we aren’t quite as weird as Evan makes us out to be.

Surprisingly, his ears checked out fine.  Next stop? The eye doctor.





Empty House/Full Life.

I saw the OBGYN today, and although I didn’t get to see baby’s face very clearly, I definitely saw something else . . .


We are very excited. Scarlett is desperate to name the baby Lloyd and Evan is adamant that the baby should be called Beautiful.  I can’t really think about baby names because I have so much to do and only 12 weeks until he arrives.

Guns & Football

Things are going well.  I’m tired of spending 2-3 hours in the car everyday on the school run and errands, but so thankful Scarlett’s school is amazing. Meeting her teachers and seeing her classroom was awesome, but meeting the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and trying on the Police bullet proof vest made Open House very memorable.

That is Texas for you. Guns and football. I have no idea how the two are related to open house, but I enjoyed meeting the High School dance team members who helped out at the event.  I got every single one of their phone numbers for babysitting.


Luckily, the commute is only for two more weeks.

*Panic! I have just over 2 weeks until we move into a very empty house.

So far, I have 3 mini cutting boards, plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, pots and pans, a king sized mattress, a kettle, a coffee pot, a crib, the kids bedding, one pillow, a can opener, a pizza wheel, tongs, a dish scrubber, and a whisk.

I’m stuck. I’m on decision making overload. If you know me, I like to shop for a deal and only have stuff in the house I love, but time is ticking.

15 days left.

If I could find bedding, I would know what towels and sheets, and artwork and bed frame and dresser, etc. But I can’t find that piece of inspiration, so I am just stuck waddling through stores with my huge baby bump and three kids in tow-  which might actually be why I can’t find stuff?


Spare Socks.

I took the kids to the mall after school to do some shopping.  James did the school run while I was at the OBGYN. He met me at the mall and gave me the kids while he went back to work.  We hadn’t planned on this, and he didn’t realise Evan only had one sock on and no shoes. 

I found a random sock in my handbag (#thisismotherhood) and put him in the pram. He needed new shoes anyway, so we went and bought some. I couldn’t believe I showed up to the shoe stores with his mix-matched socks and no shoes.

At least I didn’t need to tell them what I came into the store for.

I just pointed.

Then at dinner, in keeping with the theme, Meredith poured chocolate milk all over her. Of course, I had no spare clothes with me. Apparently, I only keep spare socks. Scarlett desperately needs shoes, so little sister went shirtless into Nordstrom- looking very white trash.

At least Evan had shoes by this point.

I planned on buying Meredith an outfit, but ironically, I couldn’t decide on one. We celebrated when we found shoes that fit my wide-foot eldest daughter- which is almost impossible to find. In FOUR hours,  I bought 2 pairs of shoes and got cutting boards.

I didn’t get the cutlery, bed linens, towels, or storage dishes I had as my targets for the day. But, Overall? It was a success. We laughed so hard at Meredith’s chubby belly hanging out and Evan in one girl sock and Scarlett cramming her foot into tiny shoes like Cinderella’s stepsisters.

We will probably be borrowing some folding chairs until I can commit to something more permanent- and an air mattress- and spare sheets, towels, and a toilet brush cleaner.

I’m only partially kidding.

I spent about thirty minutes looking at toilet brushes. How many do I need? What material- stainless steel,  glass or plastic? Budget or high-end? One has a plunger attached. Do we need a plunger? Do I get one for every toilet or just one? Should they all be the same? Oh cute. A matching soap dispenser. What soap dispenser do I want?

You see? It’s nuts-

Empty House. Full Life.

A huge shoutout to our dear friends, Allison & Steven, who kept all 3 of our kids plus their 3 overnight so we could get some of this stuff done. A man commented that James and I looked so in love on our evening sans little people.

We are in love.  I can’t decide on a toilet brush holder, furniture, linens, or a name for the baby, but I have decided that I love the man I married and the kids we made together.

So who cares if our house is empty?

And as long as I don’t own a toilet brush, I can’t clean it.