‘Mom of the Year’ Award

I promised the kids they were up-to-date on their vaccinations, when in fact, they actually needed 10 shots between them.

Oops.  My mistake.

We were just there for the shots, but during a once-over, the paediatrician diagnosed two cases of strep throat for the big kids, and a double ear infection for the little one. Evan had pink eye and a toe nail that needed wound care, and Scarlett needs to go back for additional hearing tests.  We got 5 prescriptions for antibiotics- oral, topical, and eye drops. After swabbing their throats, fixing toes, and poking tummies, the doctor asked if we should just postpone their vaccines. She thought they had enough for one day.

Nope. Stick them today please. Then give me the ‘Mom of the Year’ award. 

I had no idea any of the kids were poorly, let alone all three of them.  I only took them to the paediatrician so Scarlett could get her jabs to start school. I thought they were just cranky, jet lagged kids who were off-schedule. Scarlett complained her throat hurt; we told her she swallowed a crisp* wrong. #parentfail

No wonder I had a hard time parenting last week, and of course they weren’t listening to me.  According to the doctor, they couldn’t even hear.

*US: chip

On a side note- Americans vaccinate for the chicken pox, but England doesn’t. I find that interesting. What is safer- vaccinations or the chicken pox? Is this primarily motivated by funding or science?


Not even the mood lighting, the TVs, the tablets, the space rocket ship waiting room, or the popsicles made this hour and forty-five minute appointment fun. Look how miserable my baby looks.


Toe vs. Door. He is going to lose the nail, but at least his toe isn’t broken.

This week is so much better than last week already. Scarlett started school this morning. Her commentary was, “The teachers don’t have as much control as in England. The class was a bit bonkers.”

I believe that. English children know discipline. I used to ask my British friends, “Where do they put the kids with ADHD?” All of the English students sit so perfectly still in perfect uniform after they parade into assemblies to music from the symphony.  I struggle as an adult to be that buttoned up. By contrast, everyday at her new school, they play pop music to signal class is starting.

Scarlett and I just looked at each other perplexed. We just sang along to “True Colours” as we walked the halls to her new classroom and chuckled to ourselves knowingly. “Have fun!” I said. And she did.


Scarlett and her new teacher. She was in Year 2 in the UK, but will repeat grade 2 next year. Children with summer birthdays are almost always held back to make sure they are “academically and emotionally more mature.” But let’s be honest, it’s all about the boys being stronger for football. That’s Texas, y’all.

Also this week, my youngest brother came in town from New Mexico with his new wife I hadn’t met; I connected with extended family at my cousin’s wedding, and I went to my high school Alma Mater’s spring musical. It’s been fun. The important stuff for the house is mostly done- like mortgage paperwork and appraisals and the like.

I also bought tea cups and a kettle last night.

What else could we need?


My younger brothers + hubby.


Look at that Texas skyline. A perfect backdrop for the wedding!


My dad’s parents who live locally + Scarlett @ Cinderella

Getting to a new normal, one day at time.be-love


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