Under Contract

It’s busy work repatriating, but we are one major step closer! If the inspection goes to plan, the keys will be ours May 17th. We will be living in North Frisco, and couldn’t be more excited about the house, the schools and the neighbourhood. We have plenty of space for visitors (hint, hint)! It’s three times bigger than what we had in England, but £60k less expensive. Property in England is definitely a premium.

The hard part is figuring out where all of our stuff goes. Just kidding. I think everything we own fits in the Master bedroom closet.

I see Target in my future.

Scarlett is excited about the game room and insists we use “goose tape” to divide the space between all the kids. Duct tape, maybe?  She was nearly in tears because she found out her room has carpet flooring:

“We can’t live there! How will my ponies stand up on carpet!!?”  

So maybe the house won’t work out. Ponies standing up is very important.

Texas Traditions: Tex-Mex, BBQ & Blue Bell

In between driving by the DPS (line around the corner of the building- will delay that another day) and buying cars and sorting bank accounts, we grabbed Tex-Mex from my favourite fast food, Taco Bueno. My grandparents made sure we got some good BBQ too.

James and I had a conversation about how tricky it is to watch your weight in Texas, but at least I have a good excuse. He eased his guilt by starting Yoga this morning, so I joined him. He is sore; I feel refreshed. I’ve always loved the calm restorative breathing of yoga. If you do yoga with James, it is more like groan and huff, huff and grown, but I’m proud of him anyway.

Above: When you are craving Mexican food but don’t want to wake up the sleeping, jet-lagged baby, you bring her in- car seat and all!

It has also been over four years since I had my favourite Texas-made ice cream. It was a glorious reunion. We are going to need to do a lot of yoga- huh?


Call Me . . . Maybe?

I still don’t have an USA phone number yet- so FaceTime, Facebook or WhatsApp me. Hoping to get that sorted soon. Scarlett has already enjoyed a playdate with some of her English besties, her grandparents and cousins over FaceTime.

Isn’t technology incredible?

We miss everyone and send our hugs and love! xxx



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