Over the Edge

I’ve been selling a few things in preparation for the move from the UK back to the US, and my husband James gave me a fist bump when an item sold.

Scarlett, age 7 walked in and celebrated, “It’s called a hustle, sweetheart” and gave me a high-five, too.

This totally made me laugh. When I sold the house via a DIY company, I thought I made a good salesperson. However, that night, I heard Scarlett selling her four year old brother his own toys, and I realised my kid trumps me by a mile.

Moving internationally and selling/donating everything is a bit chaotic. I have moments where it is easy and smooth and others where I look up and feel a bit overwhelmed and lose my sense of humour.

My husband loves to joke. Usually, I find it highly amusing. However, I didn’t this morning. I sold one of his tools for £9. I knew it wasn’t much, but it was another item gone out of the house, so I was happy.

“Oh no, Laura,” he said. “I paid $200.00 for that.”

I burst out into tears before I could see that familiar smile that signals he’s joking. Tired, emotional and with so much to do, I was embarrassed.  “You pushed me over the edge, James.”

Evan, with half a crumpet in his mouth, chastised his dad,

“DON’T PUSH MOMMY DAD!” He turned to me and inquired about which ledge Dad could have pushed me off.

“Evan” I explained calmly, “Daddy didn’t push me-” I tried to explain the expression without much success.

He just wrinkled his nose, leaned forward and whispered, “When he’s not looking, push him back!”

If you find yourself over the edge today, my prayer for you is the one for myself. I pray you can find a moment of peace, laughter, and solace in a crazy, chaotic world. be-love


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