The Underwear Rule: Keeping Kids Safe

What can be done to help safeguard our children against sexual predators? We talk a lot about stranger danger with children, but I was stunned to find out that actually 90% of sexual molestation happens by adults who are familiar to children.  The news is full of stories of sexual abuse in football at the moment, and it has really got my attention.

How do we keep our little people safe without violating their innocence?

In our family, we have used the resources provided by NSPCC to start conversations to help safeguard them from abuse.

This video is a great starting point:

Watch it with the kids. It totally gets stuck in your head!

To go along with the song, there is an entire curriculum for teachers, parents, and resource centres. Check out the website for songs, art projects, videos, advice, and much more. This is probably the best prevention program I have seen.



Together, let’s empower our kids to stay safe.

Be loved, be love.


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