Couples Come Dine with Me: How to Watch

Our episode of Couples Come Dine with Me aired Monday.

We laughed until our sides hurt. The commentator has such a classic British sense of humour, and we love him.  Kids on the playground told us we are famous, but I think crazy,  brave, and silly are more accurate!

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 20.47.26.png

Couple interview.

Here’s how you can watch.

UK viewers

Create an account, pop some popcorn, watch the show!

  1. Create an Account on
  2. Watch series 3, episode 63 It aired 19 September 2016.

(Note: This is on Catch-up, not On-Demand).


Outside the UK

Start by installing Hola. It lets your computer use a VPN as if you are in the UK.

  1. Download HolaScreen Shot 2016-09-22 at 20.48.31.png

2. Follow the steps until you have a little happy fire guy on your browser. You might need to restart google chrome or firefox to make him appear.


3. Change your little fireball guy to the British flag.


4. Create an account on Channel 4. Skip the postcode part.

5. Confirm your email address.

6. Pop popcorn, and enjoy the show here. Note: It’s only on there for about 3 weeks.

Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 20.45.01.png

Recipes will be posted soon.


Screen Shot 2016-09-22 at 21.49.19.png

Fist Bump #1. LOL


The “Look” shots! I knew my fake shock face would be on the show. (9:29)

I have so many favourite moments, but just remember, TV is entertaining because TV is contrived.

Love to everyone (especially the in-laws) who helped make this show happen. I borrowed bras, a kitchen table, had multiple friends do my hair, shuffled kids here and there- we had so much help. Thank you!

Happy laughing! 



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