Couples Come Dine with Me- FAQs

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This week, I have been blogging about our experience on a cooking competition show called Come Dine with Me. Today’s post is frequently asked questions.

Catch up from this week here  Post 1 and Post 2.

Q&A: Do they really snoop in your underwear drawer?

Maybe?!? Just in case, I cleaned mine out. I didn’t see any knickers, but I did snoop in one of the contestant’s closets. Her shoe collection rivals department stores!

What’s up with the house tour?

 On the show, it seems like you get to go explore the houses to find out about the couples. In reality, the producers pick a pair of people to walk to a pre-lit, pre-set up shot. This was very disappointing to me. I thought that was boring. Plus I cleaned every single nook and cranny just in case. That was a waste!

This is what I would have picked on the tour at one of the houses.


“Would you like me to hold your cock?” On the inside, there’s more art. “This one’s well hung” the guy says. If you meet the couple, this is the most surprising thing ever!

Have you seen the episode? 

Unfortunately, no. We see it when it airs. Tune in  19 September 2016, Channel 4, UK, 5:00pm.

What is the deal with the taxi?

 The “taxi” is the production van. It is pre-wired, pre-lit and very, very cramped. The people look massively uncomfortable when they do the scoring- and they are! You ride around the block, come back to the house, and get in your real cab home.  Keep in mind it’s like 3:00am during that scene. We were all so exhausted.

What is the scoring based on?

Umm . . .? The maximum score is out of 20. James and I both agreed on the numbers both times which took the guess work out for us. There wasn’t any guidance from production except to warn us that if they think the number is really low, they will grill you about why. No pun intended. 

Do you get paid for an appearance?

Ha! That’s laughable. Winner gets  £1000 and  we had a stipend of £125 which didn’t even cover the child minder. We had a lot of fun hosting, but between outfits and centrepieces, hostess gifts, food, alcohol, hair and make-up and [ahem] the new stair and landing carpeting — we definitely spent quite a bit of money!

Did we like the couples?

The couples were definitely picked for their personalities, talents, and uniqueness. We liked hearing their stories.  During the show, I wasn’t convinced the couples liked each other much at times, but the stress of that show can bring that out. It’s a pressure cooker. We had lunch after the show with the other couples and I really enjoyed their company without the man with the clipboard.

James says he isn’t watching the show. Why not?

He says, “I was there. Why do I need to watch it?” He admits he is worried about how he will be portrayed. During filming, I kept giggling at all the things that would only happen if you had a TV crew at your house.

They stereotype characters on the show. How do you think you were casted?

The casting director told us we had so many USPs (unique selling points) so I am not entirely sure I know the final result. James is an introverted English-American hybrid who semi-professionally computer gamed then married an extremely extroverted Texan. They played up our love for competition and possibly our straight-laced lifestyle. I got a reputation on my daughter’s campus for doing a rap at a school assembly which followed me to the show. Watch out Snoop Dog!

I’m from America, how can I watch?

I’m going to record it and put it in a private link. Check back here Monday!

**Just for fun, go behind the scenes and meet some of the evening crew.

Can someone please confirm the guy looks like Flic from A Bug’s Life?


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