9.11.2016. A New Flame Burns

As I reflect on the terrorism that completely changed the world, I am overwhelmed with passion, humility, love, and a fire burning in my core.

As I watch flames and smoke erupt, men and women jumping out of buildings, first responders entering into danger, I hear a question nudging me deep inside:


So many emotions floating through my head re-watching the scenes. It’s one thing to feel devastated, fearful, crushed, thankful for life, patriotic, and angry. It is another thing to fan the flame of those burning emotions and let them fuel me towards action.

I want to be like an airplane on that day- only I want to do the opposite. I want to take my life experience, my resources, get trained, get organised, gather people together for a cause to impact the world in a way that makes it more beautiful. I do not want destruction; I want to be a builder. I want to create community, art,  build bridges where there once was division, encourage the hopeless, bring unity to families and life to the dying. I want to counteract the damage done on 9/11. I want to counteract the damage done last year, last month, and yesterday by evil.

I want a new day. A day the world looks to as the day that changed everything. A day marked by a demonstration of overwhelming love.

As I watch the Americans on 9/11  walking aimless through the city streets wanting to disbelieve their own senses, I cannot help but think of refugees today who are escaping similar scenes that don’t even shock them anymore. There is so little left to destroy in their towns and in their lives. Hope is shattered. It’s easy to think of Syrian refugees and feel at a loss as to how to reach them, but I don’t actually have to leave my neighbourhood to find someone lost and hurting.

As I watch a crowd of firefighters don their gear and look up at the blaze, I ponder. Were they ready to risk it all? Did they consider the risk of themselves entering into a fire to save the dying worth it?

I applaud their courage, and look at myself with questions.

I say I have faith in Jesus that means I want to spread love, reconciliation, peace and hope, but where are my feet in this race? Are they running towards people who need rescuing or are they propped up on a coffee table? Just like the firefighters evaluating the blaze and gearing up, am I a person who shakes my head and walks away, or do I say- “If I could just save one?”


Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted. Matthew 5:4




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