Orlando: A Sick Reminder

Orlando: You are a sick reminder. 50 people dead, shot inside a gay club. I’m gutted.

Orlando: You are a sick reminder of our need for gun control,

self- control. The problem is Out-of-Control. I want to see people passionate about the poor like they are about having a gun. It’s not a puppy. Harder to get a dog than a weapon that kills masses. Shooters invade churches, streets, theatres and kindergarten classes.

Orlando: You are a sick reminder of our broken political system.

Politicians. Puppets. People talking about rights. But what about Right and wrong?

It didn’t make the debate.

We are too focused on the right and left. Donkeys and elephants. Republican/democrat. I’m done with that. Red, white, and blue changing to red, white, and blood.

So reach across the isle. Put down your middle finger. Put up a smile because you kept someone safe instead of saving your seat. Stop sitting down and start standing up.

Orlando: You are a sick reminder of the bigotry, the hatred of our gay community.

Since when did we become defined by sexuality? An entire life reduced to a single part.  Not personality? Not character, not values, not the way you love- but who.

Americans spent days angered about who is peeing in what stall. What a distraction, that issue is small.

Choose love or fear. It’s the only choice that counts.

Orlando: You were a sick reminder of a culture of hate coming from terrorists.

It’s toxic to have losers who think that killing makes them winners.  I want to die for something good. I want to die in love, not in gun spray and violence. I listen for justice, and I hear mostly silence. The act of a few evil people creates paranoia and fear. What will it take? The life of someone you hold dear?

No place is safe, everyone everywhere is a target. From the ground to the skies, you can no longer take flight. We cure violence with violence, take a gun to the fight.

Orlando-  you are a sick reminder that tomorrow may never come.

That someday soon my life will be done. I’m done with complacency, the redudancy. The news is not new. It was the same yesterday. I can’t believe it started with just one bite. We thought we could do it better- and sought darkness, not light.

Orlando. Will you be the sick reminder?

Because we have had one before. It’s a repeated nightmare, like an old record playing over and over and I’m over it. When will we grow weary? When is enough enough? Virginia, Connecticut, California, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New York, Washington D.C.

 It’s up to you and it’s up to me.





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