A Christmas Newsletter

Moving from Texas to England in 2014 was exhausting. My husband and I thought 2015 would be a quiet year. Instead, we got pregnant (yay!), had a baby girl, bought and moved house.

Party of 5

From now on, I’m under no illusions of any year being quiet. I hope 2016 doesn’t include another international move or a new baby, but if it is silent for 10 minutes around here, I start running. A certain 3 year old has snuck chocolate or is painting the kitchen in suncream.

I started 2015 with a red-eye flight to Texas to kiss my friend Amy one last time before lowering her tiny body into the ground.  I’m forever marked by her life and changed through the experience of her death. I miss her everyday. Grief is a wonderful teacher.  I am reminded that time is a gift, and it flies.

Last December, I surprised my mom with news of my pregnancy. That feels like yesterday. This December, my parents are in town to meet my five month old daughter, Meredith Kate, who has added so much joy to our lives. I also gained a nephew and a sister-in-law this summer, but sadly lost a cousin on the McCarthy side to cancer.

Despite her original protest, Scarlett is an amazing big sister. She celebrated her sixth birthday and has her next three birthdays planned out already. She’s an amazing reader with a vivid imagination and a hilarious sense of self. Evan is working on ways to show his affection to Meredith.  He tries really hard.  Gifting her a cheerio when she was 3 days old, putting random party “hats” on her head, and attempting her first haircut aren’t exactly her love language. That middle child thing is real, y’all. He is obsessed with dinosaurs, paw patrol, and football (US: soccer).

Evan playing dress up with Meredith- again.Hair stylist to his sister

See our fail video: Announcing to the kids we were pregnant

So in 2016, in the quiet and chaotic moments, my hope is that you and I will have inner peace. Take a chance to slow down and be present.  We loved hosting family and friends this year, and we hope to have our house full again in 2016. Save up some air miles, buy a waterproof jacket, and come see us- or do the next best thing, and FaceTime.  The jet lag isn’t quite so bad that way. We hope to make a trip to Texas in the summer to hug some necks, eat Tex-Mex and soak up vitamin D.

May this year be an adventure of growth and opportunity accented with giggles and cherished memories for us all. And if I can’t get a quiet year in 2015, I’m at least hoping for a Silent Night in 2016. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!


The McCarthy Family


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