The Problem of Political Correctness

I’m 20 weeks pregnant; half-way home on baby #3. We had our sonogram today and in the waiting room, a video is playing. It has a bunch of advertisements for push chairs and toys, tips for taking care of baby, and public service announcements about SIDS, etc .

And then there is this sign:


What?! My DH & I just kept laughing.  And then the segment on breast feeding came on– hence the panic button, I guess.  I was surprised; the English women are so good about whipping out a boob and feeding the baby. I haven’t seen a single Hooter Hider since I’ve lived here. They don’t have those issues we have in Texas where people go bananas over nursing in public. But it only takes one.

I never had this issue. The legal right in the US is for a woman to feed her baby anywhere she is legally allowed to be, and so I exercised that privilege to the full extent  including in the dentist chair while I got my teeth cleaned. True Story- ask the dentist, she was mortified. Apparently, in dental school, it’s strictly neck up.

The rubbish bin was also in the office. I’m sure somebody out there would like to can that video.

Offensive Waste

Joking aside, this mentality is going to kill our culture morally. Everyone is too afraid to move, to tell the truth, to say something hard, to educate people, to live— because someone will get their feelings hurt. This political correctness thing has just gone crazy.

The hospital is too afraid to show a woman doing the most natural thing on earth because someone is going to think that the woman’s breast in a woman’s OB clinic is too sexual.

If we cannot tell people that breast is best- How about the expectant mum who smokes and drinks throughout her pregnancy?  Holding her accountable and giving her the support she needs for sobriety would be really uncomfortable, and we wouldn’t want to hurt her poor little feelings. Forget the baby. Oh that’s right, this world has decided it’s not actually a baby; it’s a foetus. One you have the privilege to destroy if the timing is off.

At the hospital in Texas, we had so much weight sensitivity training.  As a medical community, we were encouraged to tip-toe about the consequences of obesity including heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, gout, some cancers, osteoarthritis, diabetes, and spine problems in the name of protecting a patient’s self-image. How about the body? How’s that hemi-paretic left side? Still not moving?  Well, at least you feel good about those curves.

The loving thing to do is to authentically relate to people, offer support, and tell the truth. What people do with that information is up to them, but the truth saying is an obligation. It preserves the moral fabric and framework of culture.

I had really hard conversations this week with people that I truly love, and I know it hurt feelings, and it was really uncomfortable.  Sadly, life isn’t the Pinterest boards we want them to be. It’s hard. People struggle. People need to be encouraged, told when they are off the mark, educated and loved. True love is tough; it hurts feelings in an effort to preserve character.

My mom is good about this, so are many of my friends. My mom phrases things in a way that I can hear them. There is a huge risk in my mom telling me that I’m disrespectful to my husband when I’m critical, or that my boundaries are too relaxed with my kids. It’s not that she harps on me. It’s that she loves me enough to point out my blindspots.

We need the community to do this for us. We need a church that is willing to say that we are destroying our marriage by x, y, and z. We need girlfriends, parents, brothers/sisters, spouses to care about us enough to challenge us to growth and change.

So before you push the inappropriate or the “that’s not nice” button, I would encourage you to find the truth in what is being said. If you know someone you love that is hurting themselves, say something. Feelings lie; emotions are not reliable. Truth is truth. Delivered from a place of love, it can set you free.

Mockers resent correction, so they avoid the wise. Proverbs 15:13

Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid. Proverbs 13:1

And to leave on a happy ending, here is our little baby.  I’m in love, and that is the truth.



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