Oxford University: Accepting Applications

Thank you Oxford University for keeping my hope alive that someday I might get to be an alumni. When you tour this beautiful city known for its multiple prestigious colleges, you cannot help but wonder if you could hang with the scholars.

The bohemian students look very erudite drinking overpriced lattes by cafe windows, perusing the fiction section at the historic Blackwaters bookstore and cycling through town on bikes with sweet baskets.  Couples flirt as they promenade down the historic streets aimlessly. One schoolboy strummed the guitar barefoot in 4°C weather (39°F), so how intelligent do you have to be? Every student looks footloose and fancy free.

I cannot decide if it is sincere or patronising, but each college has a little sign welcoming you to apply- “We are always accepting applications” as if they have a shortage of these avant-garde types to fill their halls. I love academia, so maybe someday, I will.  I just don’t know if I look the part. 

Never-the-less, I have a huge passion for this city. The buildings, museums, and history are incredibly rich. I sauntered through the city, eyes bright, but my camera off, and now I’m totally disappointed that I didn’t capture it in all its beauty. You will either have to visit yourself or watch Harry Potter to see Oxford.

Okay Confession, I didn’t exactly saunter. I chased around children in a very non-buggy friendly place, dodging traffic, cyclists, and various non-profits handing out literature. Why do these people think you can talk about endangered Elephants in Africa when you have a two year old?

So here are the few shots I managed to capture on two trips this year. Adults only trip, anyone?

One of the largest libraries in the world, the books are all kept in a huge basement underground.

oxford (1 of 1)





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