Slow to Anger

The other day I just couldn’t take the “Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. MAAAAAWWWM.”

E screaming for me to undress Ken. Not pictured: S tantruming about sharing. Not pictured: Me thinking I'd really actually like to shower and get out of my pjs, how am I supposed to worry about Ken?

E screaming for me to undress Ken, while S fusses about Ken’s modesty. Not pictured: Me in my pj’s wishing I was getting dressed  instead of accessorizing this doll.

So last week, my theme was Slow to Anger.

Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. James 1:19

My friend was admitting that she gets cranky with her kids a lot. Until she was honest about her tendency to bark at them, I didn’t realise just how frequently this was my M.O.  But when I really examined my behaviour, I saw a drill sergeant mom who was short tempered, became easily irritated, and overreacted frequently.

What I love about God is that he reveals weaknesses in me with love, prompting me gently through community, the Bible or prayer when I am open to growth (Read Psalms 86). He also gives me the grace and power to change.

Conversely, Satan makes me feel shame, guilt, and inferiority. He reminds me of my shortcomings, my inadequacies and my fears.  He invites me to play the comparison game, giving me either a superiority complex or a feeling of deflation.  Or even worse, Satan encourages  an attitude of entitlement to shout at my kids and my husband. Anyone else keeping score of who does what? That quickly leads to resentment and bitterness, destroying relationships.

When I recognised this pattern in my life, I had options– continue in the anger or ask for forgiveness from my kids, and move forward by God’s grace.

love snail

S and I made this little love snail. He is slow to get angry. I’ve been repeating that to her and E over and over:

“Love is slow to anger.”

Silly projects and simple verses is how we keep  faith relevant.

Any other moms/mums need a love snail this week?

On a sidenote: E ripped my ‘slow to anger snail’ and I snapped at him. Oh the irony. I’ll post a few strategies that have helped me with my short fuse this week, because thanks to God, I really have made progress.


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