Boot Scooting Birthday!

Bootscoot-5I had such a blast hosting a line dancing party on my birthday. I love living in England for the diversity. Around my table, I had two Americans, a German, an Italian, an Australian, a girl born in Vietnam but raised all over Europe, a girl raised in the Middle East, and three well-traveled English gals. We are basically the UN.
To know me is to know my love for good friends, good parties, and good photography. Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, has always been my celebrity fave because she combines those loves- food, parties, and photography. She is a chef on the Food Network and hosts an amazing blog. On the plane to Dallas last month for my friend Amy’s memorial service, I had this huge privilege to meet her producer, and I basically freaked out. The PW inspired me to love cooking and gave me the confidence that I can.  She takes step-by-step photos so you know you are on the right track (or frequently— not).  So how stinking excited was I to receive a signed copy from the producer? Basically over the moon!

pw book

My Signed PW cookbook!

Of course, like any dinner party I host, my birthday menu consisted of PW creations. I’ll convert the UN to PW fans in no time. We worked off our Tiramisu, baked by my new Italian friend, by line dancing to The Boot Scootin’ Boogie, the Cotton Eye Joe & The Cupid Shuffle. Lots of laughs all around, and a pretty amazing birthday! Cherio! Ciao! Auf wiedersehen!

Bootscoot-6Click here for the salad recipe. It was amazing.


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